HR Outsourcing: The Future of HR Management

HR outsourcing The future of HR management

HR outsourcing: The future of HR management

The HR Department is responsible for managing the internal operations of an organization, including everything from recruitment to payroll. It not only has to follow labor laws but also ensure that operations are in line with them.

Organizations today may have a shortage of people with knowledge, experience, and skills in human resource management. They often do not have the budget to expand or establish a new department. As a result, they are turning to third-party services like HR Outsourcing which is popular in many countries included Thailand and has the potential to grow even more.

What is HR Outsourcing

What is HR Outsourcing?

HR Outsourcing is a person or an external organization that employs people with knowledge and expertise in the field of human resource management. They are able to work on all or part of HR tasks for the company and relieve stress by reducing workloads, as well pay less in wages with HR Teach such as

  • Employees self-service (ESS)

    The tools to update their own work information. Including requesting retroactive pay, requesting leave and editing data. The system helps reduce HR’s workload by providing an online solution for a wide range of administrative tasks.

  • Payroll Outsourcing

    An easy-to-use and customizable payroll solution based on the size of your company. Employees can also keep track of their salary slips by themselves. A service is available to help you file the necessary documents to agencies such as social security and the Revenue Department, etc.

  • Staff Outsourcing or EOR (Employer of Record)

    Payroll and Human Resources Services. A state-of-the-art solution that takes responsibility in legal matters, including management, hiring, salary preparation and recruiting foreign employees. Suitable for organizations outside Thailand operating in Thailand or Thai companies with the need to hire foreigners.

In addition, there are other services covering modern human resource management including HR consulting, the installation of computer programs and online tools that provide a variety of services for HR departments.

How the HR Outsourcing benefit your organization

How the HR Outsourcing benefit your organization?

HR Outsourcing is a great option for small organizations. In outsourcing, there are many advantages to consider, including the opportunity to reduce the problem of resource shortages and have a more centralized work system that is professional. It also saves your company from spending too much money on one-time costs unrelated to HR.

  1. Reduce internal costs

Outsourcing human resources can help lower your company’s overall cost. You can go for a piecemeal, monthly, or annual contract depending on your needs, and take advantage of cost savings as compared to establishing a new department. You’ll also save money in other areas such as salaries and benefits for regular employees that require other equipment and resources for operating their jobs.

  1. Reduce the workflow of the HR department.

HR outsourcing is a specialization of outsourcing. Obviously, it requires resources and technology to operate. It will cover many aspects of an HR Department’s work and make operations more efficient, such as vacation plans. Management is a way for supervisors to confirm and respond to employees’ leave requests in real time. Employees can edit their personal information and payroll online to provide important dates and reports for supervisors and senior executives, etc.

  1. Simplify organization

Communication problems often arise in medium-sized or large organizations with many employees, or in organizations that face complex work. In these cases, the organization’s process could be compromised and internal problems may remain unresolved. Outsourcing HR is an effective solution to simplifying the organizational structure. The change will have no negative impact on the organization or its employees.

  1. Increase the efficiency of the HR department

Due to the expansion of the organization, the workload increased, but it has nowhere near enough staff on hand. The company chose to outsource some of their work to skilled and ready professionals in order to reduce the backlog. Outsourcing is a reliable way to take on more without sacrificing the quality.


By outsourcing your HR department’s workload, business owners are able to reduce the costs of managing and training new personnel. This will allow your internal resources to stay focused on other important areas like employee turnover and maintaining compliance with various laws and regulations.

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