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Thailand Tax Calculation: How Much Do You Really Need to Earn Before Paying Taxes?

Thailand Tax Calculation_2024

Individuals need to earn how much before they are required to pay taxes? Updated 2024 One of the responsibilities of citizens with an income is to pay taxes. Generally, the filing period for individual income tax is from January to March, with the option to file taxes at the Revenue Department’s office or online through…

Easy OT Calculation in Thailand

OT Calculation Thailand

How to Calculate Overtime (OT) In working life, it’s impossible that our work will always be completed exactly within the planned time 100% of the time. Therefore, working overtime, or OT, occurs. Working overtime means working beyond or exceeding the regular working hours, which are typically set at 8 hours per day. Some employers may…

The Land of Smiles Awaits: Top 7 Motivations for Foreigners to Work in Thailand

Work in Thailand Cover2

While most businesses have opted to return to the pre covid normality of working in the office, a select group of employees are increasingly deciding to work remote and are more focused on achieving the ideal work life balance. With companies adopting their internal policies to accommodate to the new norms of working from home…

6 checklists to know before paying employee salaries in Thailand

Paying Salary Thailand Cover

For business owners and employers, especially those running SMEs with permanent staff, handling employee salaries is an inevitable task. It’s safe to say that many entrepreneurs encounter challenges related to payroll, particularly in smaller companies where there might not be a dedicated payroll department, leaving the responsibility to the business owner. With this in mind,…

Unlocking Thailand’s Business Opportunities with the Non-Immigrant “B” (Non-B) Visa for Expats

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Currently, Thailand visa applications can be divided into seven main categories: visas for long-term residents (Long Stay O-A , O-X), tourist visas, visas for travelers passing through the kingdom or visas for connecting flights (Transit Visa), courtesy visas (Courtesy Visa), official duty visas (Official Visa), diplomatic visas (Diplomatic Visa), and temporary residence visas (Non-Immigrant Visa)….

From Expat to Employee: A Guide to Getting a Work Permit in Thailand

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For expats working in Thailand, in addition to obtaining a Non-Immigrant Visa ”B”, another important document to possess is the Work Permit. This crucial document demonstrates that a expat with a Work Permit is legally permitted to conduct business, carry out operations, or be employed, among other work-related activities within the Kingdom of Thailand. Today,…

Probation Period Leave in Thailand: Are Employees Entitled to Wages?

Probation Period Leave in Thai Labor Law: Are Employees Entitled to Wages?

How about probationary period in Thailand? the employee leave rights that you should know. What is the probationary period in Thailand? The probation period is a period of time when both the employee and employer learn how to work together. The employee learns about the job and the company’s culture, while the employer learns about…

5 types of Income tax. should know about. What is PND. and how important for tax filing?

What is PND

When the tax year ends, everyone who has income has the responsibility to pay income tax or PND. to our country (Thailand). Many people who working in Thailand are still confused whether they have to pay tax or not. What is PND. and how important is it for tax filing? Who has to pay it?…

The Future of Work: How PEOs are Changing the Way Businesses Manage Employees

PEO Services Thailand

How PEOs are Changing the Way Businesses Manage Employees The future of work is here and it’s changing the way businesses manage their employees. Companies are now turning to Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) to help them efficiently manage their workforce. PEOs provide a range of services, from payroll administration, tax compliance, and employee benefits to…