Payroll Outsourcing Service

Payroll is fundamental and core to any business so why not trust an expert to manage your payroll?
RLC offers customizable payroll outsourcing solutions to match the size of your business.


Manage your payroll with ease


Secure, Confidential

RLC’s payroll outsourcing platform allows quick and easy access to your data, securely and confidentially, any time with any compatible device.


Hassle-free Reporting

With our online system, employees track their pay slips, check withholding amounts, while RLC manages required government filings automatically.


Up-to-date compliance

There is no need to worry about keeping up with regulation changes. RLC tracks government announcements, updating our systems to ensure complete compliance in Thailand and the other jurisdictions we cover.

We UnderstandYour Business

Reduce costs and risks while increasing resourcesfor your core business

Whether you are a small start-up or a major multinational company, navigating the payroll process in Thailand can be challenging. RLC offers payroll outsourcing services using our advanced online platform and apps that can handle your payroll functions cost effectively and seamlessly with full compliance while requiring minimal oversight from your management.

  • Simplified on-boarding with a system developed by payroll experts to expedite every process.
  • Reduce your administrative budget as your organization avails itself of RLC’s established, leading edge platform.

How it works?

How the payroll process work?

Ensuring that your payroll administration runs smoothly is a key concern of any HR Manager. . .

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