Leave Management

RLC’s leave management solutions provide a way for managers to stay up to date, automate the process and importantly provide higher engagement between management and employees.


Strengthen your team engagement!


Automated, intuitive system.

RLC’s innovative applications are easy to set up and even easier to use, fully customizable to your leave policy. Automatic syncing of calendars with official holidays across Thailand and Southeast Asia all with real-time notifications.


Track productivity and compliance easily

Not only manage leave and scheduling, but with RLC ‘s leave management system, you can ensure that your company is complying with local laws and regulations regarding various types of leave.


Increase employee engagement.

By staying on top of employee work anniversaries and birthdays managers can improve employee engagement by being well organized and remembering important dates!

We Understand
Your Business

RLC’s leave management solutions allows your company to be more productive and better connected to its employees.

With an easy-to-setup and intuitive interface, employees can take advantage of their leave benefits under real-time as supervisors can quickly confirm and accept new requests for leave. RLC’s Leave Management System is fully customizable according to each company’s in house policies and employee benefits. The comprehensive notification and report function provides HR departments , line management and top management additional tools to analyze performance across multiple areas in the business.

How it works?

How Leave management work?

Increase productivity and boost morale while decreasing paperwork saving time and money

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