Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Payroll Administration Solutions

A: RLC understands the importance of having your HR team focus on their core functions. With the ever changing local labor law and compliance landscape and the importance of ensuring your employees are being looked after more and more companies realize that outsourcing their company’s payroll to an expert payroll outsourcing company helps them to increase data confidentiality and security, always remain compliant on regulations and have the continued necessary expertise on hand.

A: Our fees are a fair reflection of the effort invested in matching and exceeding your requirements. The circumstances of your business are unique, so we can’t offer standardized packages, however we guarantee you’ll receive a customized proposal from us within 2 business days of our receiving your briefing. To learn more, schedule a chat with us.

A:Our solutions are compatible with most of the leading global HR and finance platforms on the market. During integration of your implementation our team will support whatever 3rd party software connections your organization requires and provide you with a customized solution that best meets your company’s needs.
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A:Yes, during the integration process our team will configure your implementation to match whatever organizational structure best serves your needs.Want to dig deeper? Why not consult with us now?

A: RLC Payroll service covered

Payroll Run

  • Complete payroll run once a month, or as a specific requirement.

Employee Data

  • Maintain up-to-date employee information regarding; personal details, earnings and benefits, compensation and deductions etc., through means of electronic data formats for payroll and taxation calculations.

Payroll Process

  • Calculate payroll from gross to net income.
  • Make adjustments as requested and approved.
  • Payroll database will be maintained and updated in the HR Information and Payroll System.

Ongoing Support

  • Calculate employee income tax and withholding tax. Prepare and submit monthly withholding income tax return (PND. 1).
  • Year-end process for tax computation and annual withholding tax summary compliance.
  • Issue Withholding Tax Certificates to employees.
  • Prepare and submit employee annual withholding tax summary return: PND. 1 Kor (Bangkok Area only or online submission).
  • Prepare individual employee annual personal income tax return, and calculation worksheets. (PND. 91 draft).
  • Calculate employee social security, deductions and company contributions.
  • Prepare and submit monthly Social Security Fund: SPS. 1 – 10.
  • Prepare Annual Workmen Compensation Fund Return
  • Prepare employee provident fund deduction and company contribution.
  • Prepare and submit monthly Provident Fund to provident fund manager (assume that a third party company does provident fund management).
  • Prepare and file monthly contribution provident fund report.
  • Prepare payroll slips and deliver them confidentially to the Company by application.
  • Username and password is provided to every employee to access online to view Pay-slip (60 Periods).
  • Print and deliver payroll slips to the Company in a secured and sealed Envelope.
  • Maintain Salary Register with Deduction Details of Provident Fund, Social Security, Income Tax, etc. in accordance with regulatory requirements.
  • Manage and modify the Payroll Software to comply with any changes in the Revenue Code, Labour Law and all related regulations.
  • The provision of the following monthly reports:
    • Payroll Summary Report
    • Bank Report
    • Provident Fund Report
    • New Hire & Resign
    • YTD Report
    • Tax Calculation Report
    • PND 1
    • SSO 1-10: Part 1 and 2
  • The provision of the following annual reports:
    • PND 1 Kor
    • Draft PND 91
    • Withholding tax certificate
    • Workmen’s Compensation Fund Register

Employee Leave Management

A:The cost of using this solution reflects the time needed to fully match your requirements. Since these are unique to your business, we can’t offer a standardized price, however we guarantee you’ll receive a customized proposal within 2 business days of our receiving your brief.To learn more, schedule a chat with us.

A: Leave Management solutions we offer come with a wide range of benefits that include:

● Simplicity – From a laborious heavily manualized process with multiple pitfalls, leave requests, approvals, and tracking leave balances becomes button-click easy for all stakeholders by the use of a friendly easy to use mobile app.

● Clear visibility – Reporting and tracking are fully automated and can be scheduled to be shared with as many, or as few, stakeholders as you require. Best of all – everything is paperless!

● Reminders – Our leave management system helps support relationships in your teams by giving managers a heads up whenever one of their team members has a birthday or a milestone work anniversary coming up ensuring they are always on top of the important dates!

Employer of Record

A:Simply put, an EOR is a company that allows you to hire workers remotely in different countries where your company may not yet have its own office or legal entity established. By working through an EOR, you are able to hire workers globally essentially without the costly needs of setting up an overseas entity in the country you want to hire the worker in. The EOR will manage your complete end to end HR processes of setting up the employment contracts, paying your employees on your behalf, managing the local legal compliance paperwork and importantly be there for you to provide support to your employees locally on the ground when they need it.

A: When you engage RLC to assume Employer of Record responsibilities for your team-members, our billing must account for their salary and the costs associated with maintaining their legal status in Thailand. Since these costs can vary quite a lot, we can’t offer standardized fees, however we guarantee you’ll receive a customized proposal within 2 business days of our receiving your brief.

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A:Simply put, we look after every aspect of your employees’ worklife, aside from their professional responsibilities towards your company. We provide a full legal, logistical and support framework aimed at keeping you and your team members not only fully compliant with the local regulatory requirements, but also well taken care of and happy with every other aspect of leading an expat’s life in Thailand.At RLC we like to go the extra mile and ensure your employees are fully engaged with their jobs, their new environment and the new local community.To learn more, schedule a chat with us.