Our People Are Your Human Resources Solution

Your company’s success depends on having the right people in place. Through RLC’s Human Resources Staffing Service, we take the time to understand your business so we can provide the right talent that enables you to achieve your business goals.

Utilizing our exacting recruitment process, we find people with the breadth of skills, depth of talent and the right culture fit for your company. And whether you need to fill a role as a temporary contractor for one year or as a permanent staff we can make it happen.

We provide a wide range of Staffing Service to our clients which includes the following services;

Direct Hire

Reduce the time it takes to hire full-time professionals, outsource the headcount

Temporary Staffing

A quick fix to fill any gap for special projects for a fixed period or unplanned circumstances

Consulting / Contractor

Professional advice from outside that will assist in making decisions or performing tasks.

Let RLC’s Staffing Service get leading talent in your industry in a variety of roles

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